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About Golem

Traditional architectural ceramics, hand-crafted in Sieversdorf

GOLEM produces heritage-standard architectural ceramics for use in the conservation and restoration of listed and other historic buildings. One of the core elements of our work is researching and using the traditional techniques that help us create an authentic, traditional look and achieve an overall visual effect that stands out from mass-produced equivalents.

Baukeramische Sonderanfertigungen für Restaurierungen: Musterfassaden von historischen Backsteinziegeln
Baukeramische Sonderanfertigungen für Restaurierungen: Von Golem produzierteTerrakotta für das Berliner Stadtschloss


Our studios and workshops produce figurative terracotta elements, ornamental and figurative reliefs and capitals. Figurative terracotta elements, in particular, demand a high level of artistic and technical skill to recreate a sculptural model in ceramic materials. Two examples of this kind of craftsmanship can be seen in the sculpted terracotta eagles we created for the new Alte Kommandantur building in Berlin and the intricate reliefs we produced in collaboration with specialist sculptors for the Schinkel Bauakademie.

We also sell replicas of terracotta architectural elements and ceramic artefacts.
For more details of our product range, please visit the desktop version of our homepage.

Our stock of figurative terracotta elements and artefacts

GOLEM fertigt Formziegel und Formsteine - auch mit traditionellen Methoden


Specials are custom-moulded bricks that differ in shape from standard, rectangular formats. They generally serve a particular purpose and may be used as mouldings for embrasures, window reveals or brick arches, for example. Specials are manufactured by casting clay in specially fabricated plaster moulds prior to smoothing and firing. We use traditional manufacturing techniques to create our replica bricks, thereby ensuring they are true to your original in terms of shape, colour and character.

We are also happy to work on the development of ceramic solutions for new-build projects.

Architeckturkeramik - glasierte Verblender


Architectural ceramics have played an important role in the design and construction of façades from antiquity right up to the present day.

Ceramic elements are used to break up façades and wall surfaces. Examples of historical façade elements include horizontal moulding and vertical elements such as columns, pilasters and lesenes. Glazed facing and coping elements including slips, quarter bats and bullnose bricks for exterior wall cladding all fall under the heading of architectural ceramics and can make a significant contribution to the appearance of your building.

Façade design is also a major element in contemporary architecture and because GOLEM specialise in craft techniques we can offer unusual, individual solutions for your designs.

Architectural ceramics and restoration: custom manufacture of bricks in one-off and traditional formats.


We use traditional techniques to guarantee the authentic appearance of our bricks and can reproduce all types of brick from original samples to match existing masonry or for new constructions. Our custom-made products have been used in the restoration of many historic buildings in Germany and abroad.

We also mass produce the most common traditional German brick formats. For more information, we recommend a visit to our warehouse which contains a wide variety of bricks in different shapes, sizes and types.

Architectural ceramics contact

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Tomas Grzimek
Christoph Links