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Layouts and patterns SF 357 O

Special coloured stoneware clays are filled by hand into a mould and pressed to an approx. 3 mm thick inlay layer together with the carrier granulate. After approx. 70 hours in the kiln, one of the most resistant ceramic materials ever is created: traditional inlaid stoneware. The thickness of the ornamental layer and the hardness of the material guarantee durability over generations.
Due to their excellent material properties, our stoneware floor tiles are suitable for underfloor heating systems, as well as for heavily used areas such as hallways or for terraces and balconies outdoors, and can be laid in a thin bed without further surface treatment.


SF 357 O, Floor Tiles multi-coloured


ca. 17 x 17 x 1.2 cm, Weight: 1 kg

piece per lfm

1 lm = ca. 5.8 pieces

Price per lfm 65,02 €/lfm plus VAT
77,37 €/lfm VAT incl.
Price from 10 lfm 59,10 €/lfm plus VAT
70,35 €/lfm VAT incl.
Price from 25 lfm 56,32 €/lfm plus VAT
66,99 €/lfm VAT incl.
Price from 50 lfm 53,59 €/lfm plus VAT
63,80 €/lfm VAT incl.
aktuell verfügbar: 13 Stück

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