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Art Nouveau tiles

Our Art Nouveau tiles are produced just as they were in the European tile manufactures around the 1900's. Almost all production steps are carried out manually, including the application of the glazes and the stacking of the kilns. We attach great importance to the fact that our tiles in form, colour and character do correspond to the original's high quality.

The typical Jugendstil tiles were moulded or dust-pressed with embossed contour lines on their surface. The bordered areas were then filled with glaze by hand using slip trailers. These are exactly the techniques we still use for our products. Another characteristic of Art Nouveau tiles is their distinctive craquelling glaze. The fine network of cracks accentuates the colour and the transparency of the glaze.

Custom-made tiles for refurbishment are our speciality. We reproduce wall- and floor tiles true to your originals concerning size, colour and character of the glaze. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Custom-made tiles
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