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Referenzen Baukeramik

Case studies – Architectural ceramics

GOLEM Architectural Ceramics produces heritage-standard ceramics for use in the conservation and restoration of listed and other historic buildings. Our custom-made products have been used in many heritage and new-build projects in Germany and abroad.

GOLEM Fliesen Neues Museum, Berlin
Berlin’s Neues Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, underwent a major programme of expert restoration work ending in 2009. GOLEM manufactured 600,000 mosaic tiles in 30 shades and four geometrical shapes for its elaborately patterned floors. We also produced lightweight bricks in a range of specially designed heritage-quality colours for the vaulted ceiling.
GOLEM Fliesen Schloss Berlin / Humboldtforum
GOLEM used light yellow-burning clay to manufacture sculpted terracotta pilaster capitals for the restoration of the Berlin Palace in central Berlin.
Work programmed for 2017
GOLEM Fliesen Bauakademie Berlin, model façade
A full-size model façade for this project was erected in the 1990s and GOLEM produced terracotta friezes and over 100 different specials as well as the standard “Reichsformat” bricks required for its construction. Unfortunately, developers have yet to decide on a realistic scheme for the restoration of Schinkel’s Bauakademie.
GOLEM Fliesen Residential house, Prenzlauer Berg
The walls and striking roof of this modern house are clad entirely in GOLEM varicoloured hand-painted bricks. The opalescent bricks give the structure an individual, living quality and link it to the neighbouring Gründerzeit buildings.
Project design: Barkow Leibinger, 2016
GOLEM Fliesen Tour Total, Berlin
GOLEM manufactured white-glazed facing bricks for the mural relief in the foyer of the Total Tower in Berlin’s “Europa City”.
Project design: Barkow Leibinger, 2016
GOLEM Fliesen Jägerhof, Leipzig
Built between 1911 and 1920, this former trading house comprises three courtyards connected by covered arcades. In 1998 GOLEM produced glazed bricks, facing blocks, specials and decorative bricks for the refurbishment of the glass-covered interior courtyards.
GOLEM Fliesen Weißensee Jewish Cemetery, Berlin
In 1996 and 1997 GOLEM produced various custom-made bricks and special stoneware tiles for the renovation of Berlin’s Weißensee Jewish Cemetery.
GOLEM Fliesen Hammonia Bad, Hamburg
GOLEM produced wall tiles and glazed facing bricks for the restoration of this Art Deco-style building, originally constructed between 1926 and 1928.
GOLEM Fliesen
GOLEM Fliesen
GOLEM Fliesen
Hackesche Höfe, Berlin
The Hackesche Höfe courtyard complex in Berlin was refurbished in 1995/1996. GOLEM produced glazed facing bricks in carefully matched colours and textured porcelain stoneware pavers for the pavements in the courtyards.