Terracotta building components

Terracotta building components differ from other construction above all by the high demands on craftsmanship and artistic skills in the manufacturing process. The material impresses with its earthy, warm colours. In addition, the natural material is very weather-resistant and is therefore ideal for façade design.

Especially figurative terracottas require
a high degree of sculptural skills and craftsmanship
in order to be realized in ceramics.


The word »terracotta« derives from the Italian »terra cotta« and means »burnt earth«. The production of this natural building material is already fascinating, because terracotta is produced from ferrous red clay, but also from calcareous yellowish soils. The characteristic properties of the material are then determined by the specific additive.

The finished building components are waterproof, weatherproof and have good durability in addition to their natural warm colours.


The execution of figurative terracottas demands high standards of artistic and craft skills. The motif is first modelled in plaster, after which the mould is made. Often several partial forms are needed, which – later in the creative process – are assembled to one piece. Successful examples are the artistically modelled terracotta eagles that were made for the Alte Kommandantur in Berlin, and the sophisticated reliefs of the Schinkel Bauakademie, which were created in collaboration with specialized sculptors.


In our warehouse we have shaped bricks, terracottas, copies of building elements and sculptural objects. We offer them to everyone for sale or reproduction.

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