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Octagonal tiles
in historical sizes

Octagonal sizes with inlay tiles present a rather classical pattern with a strong graphic impression. We distinguish between equilateral octagons and octagons with two different sides.

Inlay tiles for equilateral octagons with a size of 17x17cm are 7x7cm, the octagon tiles with two different sides are 16x16cm, their inlays 5x5cm.

We do offer patterned inlay tiles as well as unicoloured ones which we produce in all our standard and special colours. You should consider ordering some inlay tiles as a reserve in case they need to be cut in half or quarters at the border.

Our octagonal tiles are suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor use.

Achteck-Fliesen, klassisch Achteck-Fliesen, schwarz, weiss, klassisch Achteck-Fliesen, beige, ocker, klassisch Achteck-Fliesen, beige, ocker, Bad Achteck-Fliesen, grau, beige, ocker, grün Achteck-Fliesen, ocker, rot, Flur, Diele Achteck-Fliesen, ocker, rot, Wintergarten klassische Fliesen, Terrasse, ocker, rot

about 8 weeks
Sample tiles
within one week

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Custom-made tiles
for refurbishment
are our


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