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Art Nouveau tiles single-coloured F10 wall tiles

Our range of single-coloured wall tiles completes the program of Art Nouveau tiles. All Art Nouveau tiles are sharp-edged, thereby it's possible to lay them with small joints with a maximum width of 2 millimetres. In former times they sometimes were butted together.

Every tile is glazed manually, the kilns are also stacked by hand. During the firing-process the glaze becomes liquified and the glaze coat forms layers of different thickness. Thin layers appear brighter than thick layers, what leads to a vivid play of colours within the tile as well as the whole charge. Another characteristic of Art Nouveau tiles is the crackled glaze which accentuates the transparency of the glaze. For the use in kitchens or bathrooms we recommend waterproof crackled tiles.

Custom-made tiles for refurbishment are our specialty. We produce wall- and floor tiles true to your originals in terms of size, colour and character of the glaze. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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within one week

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Custom-made tiles
for refurbishment
are our


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